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Yoshino Hinoki has strong, insect repelling qualities as well as being used traditionally in woodworking for many generations. The impact of Hinoki as a building material can still be seen today in Japan, as many temples and shrines have been built from Hinoki Lumber. The Horyuji Temple is a perfect example of this and stands as the oldest wooden building in Japan.

The fragrance of Hinoki can be described as a refreshing and relaxing woody scent, something that triggers memories of nostalgic bathhouses for the Japanese people. The properties of Hinoki oils are said to relieve stress, offer recovery from fatigue and boost the immune system thanks to a composition of approximately 30% α-pinene, repel insects and mites with a composition of approximately 3.7% of D limonene and a calming effect thanks to a composition of approximately 2.8% of β-pinene. Our Hinoki oil is sourced from carefully grown and managed Hinoki cypress trees from Nara Prefectures Yoshino forest.

Yoshino Hinoki Essential Oil

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Chamaecyparis obtusa

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