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Japanese Hinoki is a species of cypress native to Japan.

It has long been used for not only its incredible fragrance, but also in beauty and therapeutic applications.

When you visit Japan, you can often see Hinoki used in century old Temples, Shrines, bathhouses and Japanese Inns.

Our sachets are made with 100% cotton and filled with fragrant Yoshino Hinoki wood chips.

Rubbing the chips gently releases the aroma of hinoki.

Other uses:

- soak the chips in a hot bath for a calming soak. You can dry the chips for reuse as well.

- Place in closets, drawers, gym bags or in shoes to deodorize them.

- Place in a pillow for a fragrant, deep sleep.

- Place it nearby to simply enjoy the aroma of Hinoki.

- Purify and sooth congestion with its soothing and antibacterial qualities.


Size: 2 X 1.4 oz. (6"x3.5"x1.5")

Description: Cotton Sachets filled with Yoshino Hinoki Wood Chips.

Made in Japan.

Yoshino Hinoki Wood Chip Sachet

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